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Exceptional LMS implementation that demonstrates ROI through successful organisational change with Shoalhaven City Council

About Shoalhaven City Council

Training at Shoalhaven City Council had been a challenge for several years. With approximately 1500 users including contractors and one learning specialist, it was impossible to effectively manage all training requirements effectively.

Historically, all learning had been conducted in the classroom. This project marked the council’s first step into the elearning space.

Key project features

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There was an urgent need to get information out faster to all workers and in a more efficient way. At that point, a sole training room used for multiple activities served as the only space in which to deliver training. A learning management system was identified as an ideal solution. It would also be required to integrate with the organisation’s HR system.

In particular, the chosen system would have the ability to connect individuals to payroll, allowing them to submit weekly time sheets as well as connect them to their scheduled learning development program.

The most important factors for the council to effectively deliver on their training requirements were:

  • To be able to create and structure training through a learning platform
  • To deploy a single solution for users to access information, learning.
  • The LMS should integrate with the HR system (HRS)


Shoalhaven City Council went out to tender to find a best fit partner for their needs. The business took the lead in what was practically going to work once the system was in operation. Following a traditional selection process, the council chose Kineo whereby a three year contract implementing Totara Learn was secured.

The Totara community provided a high-level resource that would guide the creation of their content library and ‘Totara University’ to assist with the bespoke building of content inhouse. Shoalhaven City Council chose a blended approach for their content needs, adopting a mixture of off-the-shelf library content from multiple sources as well as their own that entailed more tailored technical learning, exclusive to the council.

The ‘roll out’ of this milestone project took place during COVID-19 isolation and the learning platform (LMS) was remotely deployed by the working group. To ensure an optimum level of engagement, as many workers were operating from their own homes for the first time, user competitions were conducted. This created a buzz and got the learning underway, creating camaraderie with peer groups.

The LMS successfully disseminated learning content in order for the business to be ready for their HRS ‘go live’ date that was launched alongside the LMS project. 1500 users submitted their timesheets without a hitch demonstrating that this was a success.


The LMS has not only ensured seamless learning deployment, it has also demonstrated:

  • Efficiency
  • Time saving for management
  • Smooth integration with the HRS

Individuals know what knowledge and upskilling is required of them, as well as how to navigate the HRS.

The next steps will be to build on this solid foundation with an onus on the individuals to book in their training and reduce the administrative burden that had previously held back the learning strategy. Reporting will also be available across several streams, providing valuable insight to influence future planning and demonstrate return on investment

A blend of 70/30 online learning is the future vision. This is a huge step from 100% classroom-based training. Users have needed to adapt to remote working in recent months and are comfortable with the LMS so elearning makes sense as it is not only accessible, it is efficient and provides much needed reporting, plus it is much easier to ensure operational compliance.

When describing the relationship journey, Shoalhaven City Council’s IT Trainer added:

“The Totara University and online help has been exceptional and Kineo’s project manager response rates are amazing. There are few LMS’ that use their own product to learn the product.”