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Cinépolis upgrades its Learning Center with Totara Talent Experience Platform

Encouraging a new learning culture

Cinépolis is the biggest cineplex chain in Mexico with 427 theaters in 97 cities. It is also the largest chain in Latin America and the fourth largest in the world, with over 869 theaters. Cinépolis migrated its Learning Center based on SAP to a Totara Kineo Edition platform that accompanies their employees throughout their Talent Experience cycle.

Cinépolis Results



Promote, Innovate, Measure

Cinépolis needed to generate a new learning culture within a social-learning-ready platform. The new addition to its resource enriched Learning Center had to bring on board several tools to:

  • Promote learning experiences
  • Translate this range of projects into better programs
  • Provide easy access to any learning experiences
  • Produce innovative activities to encourage people to learn

Needless to say, the new Talent Experience Platform had to be aligned to the core values of the company, creating innovative experiences, driving responsible growth, and, most importantly, resonate with Cinépolis employees.


Learning Analytics

The shiny new dashboard reinforced the visibility and UX for the L&D leaders and integrated the business intelligence focus of the organisation. During the first stage, learning KPIs were aligned to the business strategy, to create the main bridge for an operations-marketing synergy.

The ease of communication inside the ecosystem, with clear, easy-to-find information allows the Cinépolis team to make agile decisions, cutting down the time from idea to implementation. Every indicator is connected so the best content for every user is offered at the time of need.

With the performance and reporting power of Totara Perform, the Cinépolis L&D team has absolute visibility on the situation, using real-time analytics while developing the learning strategy.

Work spaces

The real heroes of this plot are the internal champions, empowered to help others with the flexibility of Totara Engage.

Internal learning communities are filtered and automated by skills and soft skills. The new learning culture allows the transfer of knowledge among peers in a more efficient and streamlined way.

The new employees can search from a range of existing workspaces, receive recommendations to join a specific space, and even create their own learning spaces  

the 360° degree view on talent and performance

The dedicated Totara Learn module has made the learning experience intuitive and easy to navigate. All the key information is in full view and the recommendation engine keeps users engaged and motivated to complete more activities.

The collaboration functionalities help highlight a team that works together with unlimited resources, playlists, and content that helps them aim for better performance in their jobs. The social learning capability not only allows users to collaborate with their colleagues, but they can also start discussions and find curated resources that pave the way for all future learners.

All the KPIs are connected to the user status to have a very visible map of the key metrics and learning analytics of the company. Thanks to the freedom to innovate that comes with Totara, work is currently underway to integrate powerful data tools such as Power BI to create all this information in a new dimension of talent experience. 

"The open communication channel has helped us to keep innovating with great response to our questions. This is how we get the most out of Totara, growing its functionalities and letting our people enjoy the platform."

Daniel Mohar

Learning Design Manager, Cinépolis

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