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A smooth integration of a new LMS

With a customer-centric reputation and continued growth in Argentina, Banco Patagonia adds more than 90 years of experience and trajectory in the financial market.

Banco Patagonia Results

Kineo logo 30,000+ Optimised Courses
Kineo logo 44,000+ Learning Hours / Year
Kineo logo Totara Awards 2020: Best LMS
Kineo logo Record-Time Implementation


A flexible solution

Tasked with developing and training 3000 employees in their branches, Banco Patagonia's L&D team was looking for a flexible and efficient platform to manage the organisation's learning journey. While spreading out the project requirements, one of the critical aspects of the future LMS was the dynamic integration with the human resources system to migrate data and records for thousands of users. At Kineo, support throughout the project is part of our DNA and this implementation would require great teamwork within many different areas of the bank.

How did they do it? 

Banco Patagonia's L&D team migrated learning data in record time


Hundreds of courses accessible to each person from within the new integrated learning platform. 


Learning content is made easy with an efficient system. SAML2 plugin and Single Sign-On (SSO) were also integrated. 


Training hours


Completed courses


Migrated users


Intuitive learning

From day one, Developers, Designers, and Solutions Consultants worked with Banco Patagonia's teams to build a branded platform. The intuitive interface brings users closer to a great and memorable learning experience. For the L&D team, Totara Learn allows them to manage this learning content with an efficient system, empowered by the SAML2 plugin, together with SSO functionality. Users in any branch or corporate office can now access learning experiences from their control panels. 

Dynamic integration

Totara Learn's flexibility was a key advantage for one of Banco Patagonia's main requirements, integrating the platform with the human resources system. Relying on the HR Sync functionality, we developed a specific script to ensure that the files were in the necessary format and seamlessly sync both databases. We created custom user profile fields and sources to share this information, showcasing perhaps one of Totara's most powerful tools: bespoke reporting, allowing the L&D team to focus on the specific needs of each department. 

Migration made easy

Migrating this amount of data for thousands of users, including key information like course completion and scores, is always a sensitive process. Totara's Register of Previous Learning tool expedited this daunting task. There are dashboards for each department with different leaders and employee profiles.  A priceless feature for the L&D department includes the possibility of keeping a record of external training carried out by employees, something that was largely automated with the External Training Evidence functionality.

Thanks for bringing us updated tools and innovation to our L&D strategy in a dynamic and effective way! A space for training always improves and adds efficiency to our daily work. Congratulations, Kineo team, for this excellent tool that transformed the learning experience at BP!

Romina Cacacio, L&D Manager, Banco Patagonia

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