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Compliance elearning

Compliance learning that works

Compliance training is non-negotiable for your business, but it takes people away from their work and the experience isn’t always engaging for employees. It’s time to change that. 

Using contemporary design principles, we want to give your compliance learning the overhaul it needs. By combining modern user experience design with learning best practice you can deliver compliance learning content that provides maximum results in minimum time.

The Kineo view on: Compliance elearning

In our deep dive content series, we take a helicopter view of the compliance landscape, talk you through the latest thinking and research, and share our recommendations for transforming your mandatory training – helping you find your compliance North Star.

Compliance elearning, designed by learning experts

Learning Content 

Expertly crafted custom digital learning content and elearning to engage learners and deliver the results you need.

Totara: Kineo Edition 

The fully integrated learning platform: LMS, LXP and performance management all in one seamless learning ecosystem. 

What to consider when developing compliance training

Campaign for change

Take a campaign-based approach to market your compliance courses and make a huge difference to learner engagement and learning retention.

Design for impact

Transform your compliance learning using human-centred design and learning experience methodologies to support learners through their behavioural change journey.

Data-driven design

Use data to understand how people are engaging with your content and the insights to build on what’s working and change what isn’t.

A culture of compliance

Work with your teams to build a culture of positive conduct. Encourage social connections that help them find the answers for themselves.