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Animated scenario-based learning for Swire Group's Code of Conduct

About Swire Group 

Ethos International is Swire Group’s in-house training organisation who offer 4 levels of training for management trainees and high potential managers across the Swire Group. Providing leadership skills to embed competencies at each of 4 levels, the programme also brings people together from across different operating companies and focuses on Swire culture and values.  

Key project features

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Learning that appeals to digital natives

Every year the Swire Group welcomes a new intake of management trainees. These are young, high achieving graduates who take on positions across all facets of the business. Whether they’re working in properties, beverages or flying high at Cathay Pacific, they all need to have a shared understanding of and commitment to the Swire Code of Conduct. Whilst Swire Group are based in Hong Kong, they have offices across Asia, so elearning was seen as an ideal solution to deliver consistent learning across the region.

Trainees are unlikely to have experienced many ethical dilemmas in their Swire career up to this point, but they do need to be able to recognise what the right decision should be in accordance with the Swire Code of Conduct.

As digital natives, this audience has been born into a digital world and their use of technology is innate. They will rank the course’s usability against the daily experiences they have when consuming content online or via apps. This course had to offer a seamless and comparable experience, so that the technology facilitated learning, rather than acting as a barrier to engagement.

Relatively new to digital learning, the project teams on both sides of the fence had many successful objectives to meet and deliver on.


Scenario-based interactive learning

Our solution provided the foundation for a broader programme of face-to-face training on Business Ethics. Our starting point was that users may have at some point seen and read the Code of Conduct, but might have had little or no confidence in knowing how to apply it to their day-to-day activities within Swire. To bring it to life, the first stop for learners was the dilemma centre. Drawing on the experiences of previous years’ trainees, we created four interactive animations using HTML5 Canvas where learners had to make the right choices to help a group of young characters make the right ethical decisions in a range of situations. Characters were hand-drawn and tailored to match the audience demographic. They fitted beautifully into the rich backgrounds that were influenced by Big Hero 6’s San-Fransokyo skyline.

Knowledge validation

From here, learners explored an interactive version of the Code of Conduct, which used a variety of knowledge checks to ensure that they could apply each section of the code in context. In a world where our online profile can have an impact on both our personal and professional lives, it was important to include an activity that looked at the consequences of inappropriate social media conduct. Using Suzy Welch’s 10:10:10 strategy, we asked learners to think about the impact of their actions over 10 minutes, 10 months and 10 years. Learners could print out their reflections for use in the following face-to-face workshop.

Scenario-based questions

The course closes with a quiz-based challenge, where learners have to demonstrate how well they’ve absorbed the content by applying it to scenario-based questions. They only have one chance to impress, as the quiz is designed to highlight their performance and level of understanding prior to attending the workshop.


Grabs learners and keeps them engaged

At a very high level (and of the upmost importance), the foray into digital learning needed to be accepted and well adopted by the learners, and the results to date are definitely supporting those aims. From genuine enthusiasm around the Code of Conduct through to better preparation for the face-to-face workshop that will likely result in shorter/more efficient training in the future.

The rich media used along with the right design and level of interaction grabs learners early and keeps them completely engaged throughout. The course has, to date, received a 100% completion rate along with very positive user feedback.

“Excellent user experience with the many different variety of question styles and activities”

“Love the real life examples (dilemma stories) – they were detailed, related to our work… SPOT ON!”

“The visuals and graphics were good. It was entertaining and interactive, easy to follow through.”

“I like the instant personal feedback – good explanation on right/wrong answers”

“We were looking for a digital partner to help us deliver Ethics training in an innovative and meaningful way to recent graduates. We were impressed by the care that the team at Kineo took to make sure that the design and usability of the content were relevant to the users and the company. The project was managed by distance which did not pose an obstacle and we found Hannah, the project manager to be excellent. Our final product really hit the mark with our participants and was a perfect partner for our face to face delivery.”

Carol Hamilton, General Manager, Swire Group

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