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ChildSafe increases reach and impact with elearning

About ChildSafe

ChildSafe exists to serve organisations and individuals that work with children and vulnerable people, with the goal of improving their well-being and safety.  

Key project features

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How to share sensitive content for maximum impact

As an extension of ChildSafe’s long standing training focus and in the shadow of one of Australia’s largest Royal Commission’s, ChildSafe required an additional learning tool to provide reach and access to this crucial topic. In doing so, the learning content could reach and equip people participating in related spaces.

ChildSafe and other organisations in this sector traditionally put a premium on face-to-face training and so limitations were clear. ChildSafe recognised the value of an online learning solution to educate and support practitioners in the field. The primary limitations to over-reliance on face-to-face training included:  

  • Seldom 100% attendance compared with face-to-face training
  • Disengaged remote participants
  • Consistent quality in the delivery of face-to-face training
  • Lack of validating subject knowledge via testing in much face-to-face training
  • More effective ‘refresher’ approach to repeating face-to-face training


Shaping a learning program to fit complex criteria

ChildSafe had established learning content in this space and required a strong partner to provide wide access to a topic challenging the nation. This partnership was realised between Kineo and ChildSafe, enabling quality content to be formatted by an experienced online learning organisation and communicated to a wide national audience through multiple channels, to address a contemporary problem.

ChildSafe provided Kineo with the content and an online child safety module was developed and launched in 2015. To date it has been well received.  

The limitations have been well supported by this elearning module and although this approach has not appealed to all learners, ChildSafe’s mission is to continue to provide alternative methods of learning to enable practitioners to gain the requisite knowledge through a combination of learning modes. For this exercise, digital learning was adopted well, clearly marking a shift in expanded reach and awareness.

Practitioners could enjoy the convenience of any place any time training access, effectively completing their requirement to deepen their knowledge and awareness in this space.

The module also receives periodic updates and refreshes to maintain engagement and learning currency.


Engaging learning experience that sets a framework for future need

ChildSafe is delighted with the online module and its uptake by customers generally.

While price was a determining factor, the quality and access to training were most important. All aspects have been managed well and this has resulted in a steady increase in utilisation across the last three years and further stimulated with Kineo through its sales channels.

Ultimately the project and its purpose created a strong result for a current and future market need.